Chief Data Officer
Carlos Rivero

Strategic Governance

Secure and Appropriate Data Sharing

Enterprise Analytics Services

To maximize the value of Commonwealth data and inform actionable intelligence that helps Virginians live better lives.

Carlos Rivero, Chief Data Officer

Virginia Datathon: October 1-2, 2020

The Virginia Datathon brings together state agencies, students, non-profits and the private sector to leverage technology and data to develop innovative ideas that advance the Commonwealth of Virginia. The event promotes participants and teams to interpret, analyze and transform data into real-life solutions.

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Open Data Portal

The Virginia Open Data Portal serves to extend access to Commonwealth data empowering our constituents to interpret, analyze, and transform our data into actionable intelligence.

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DataSAGE is Virginia‚Äôs Secure Analytics and Governance Environment and launches July 2020. 

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Metadata Dictionary

The Commonwealth Metadata Dictionary is available for government agencies to support data discovery and sharing. Metadata standards are important to help ensure interoperability between systems and enhance the discovery of, and access to, data.

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Data Governance Training

As a professional development opportunity, Commonwealth employees now have access to Data Governance Training in the Commonwealth of Virginia Learning Center. Everyone plays an integral role in creating a culture where high quality data is valued and informs our decision making. Participation in this training will contribute to the Commonwealth's success in leveraging data as an enterprise asset.

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