Chief Data Officer
Carlos Rivero

Commonwealth Data Trust

The Commonwealth Data Trust, implemented by the Chief Data Officer, is a safe, secure, and legally compliant information sharing environment that establishes consistent requirements for trust members through a standardized data sharing agreement process. The data trust provides a scalable alternative to multiple “point-to-point” sharing, promotes trust among its members through common rules for data security, privacy, and confidentiality and reduces technical costs by onboarding to a single environment using standard NIEM protocols. The Data Trust will ensure and support data discovery and analytics for agencies and organizations across the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

The Data Governance Framework supports the execution of the Commonwealth Data Trust through strategic oversight by the Executive Data Board and operational oversight by the Data Governance Council.

Data Trust Member Agreement - this establishes the relationship between the data provider and the trustee (CDO). This agreement is used for organizations contributing data into the data trust. Signing this agreement doesn't mean the entity gets access to trust member-contributed data.

Data Trust Amendment Form - this document is used when a data provider needs to amend their data trust agreement to include new data, new constraints, or any other changes to the trust agreement exhibits.

Data Trust User Agreement - this describes the relationship between the trust and recipients of trust member-contributed restricted-use data. This agreement is primarily for organizations that have projects that need access to restricted-use trust data. Agencies can act as trust users, but this is mostly for organizations like academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, and localities to be able to consume trust resources.  

Data Trust Individual User Non-Disclosure Agreement - this document lays out the roles and responsibilities individuals have with regard to using and safeguarding restricted-use trust data. Every team member on a data trust user project must have a signed NDA on file in order to access trust resources (no exceptions).

Data Trust Members

Center for Innovative Technologies
Department of Criminal Justice Services
Department of General Services Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services
Department of Social Services
Library of Virginia
Office of the Chief Data Officer
Roanoke Police Department
State Compensation Board
Virginia Department of Corrections
Virginia Department of Emergency Management
Virginia Department of Health
Virginia Employment Commission
Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association