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February 10, 2021

Virginia Data Revolution

Public trust in government is approaching record lows: In 2020, according to Pew Research, only 20% of Americans said they trusted government institutions. As state governments take on the unprecedented task of vaccinating millions of constituents, rebuilding trust in government is mission critical – and data might be the key to doing so. The Commonwealth of Virginia has both recognized this and invested in this important goal.

February 18, 2021

Business of Data Podcast

The Business of Data Podcast is dedicated to providing a voice to the Global Data & Analytics community. Each episode is focused on a specific topic area, uncovering the most pertinent issues facing global data & analytics leaders. Check out this feature episode with Carlos Rivero.

February 11, 2021

Data-Driven Government

Public sector organisations aspire to using the huge of amount of data they collect to make better decisions. But what are the steps to reaching that promised land of Data-Driven Government? Find out what government data leaders around the world are prioritising to make it happen.

January 15, 2021

Data-sharing is Crucial to State Pandemic Response

Virginia Chief Data Officer Carlos Rivero said his office has spent time amid the pandemic tracking how policies and data create measurably positive impacts, whether it be in delivering assistance or slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

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Press Releases


2020 NASCIO State IT Recognition Awards

The Office of the Chief Data Officer is honored to stand alongside the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services as the 2020 National Association of State Chief Information Officers’ (NASCIO) State IT Recognition award recipient in the category of Cross-Boundary Collaboration & Partnerships for the Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation (FAACT) data-sharing and analytics platform! These annual awards honor transformational projects and initiatives that address critical business problems, improve business processes and elevate the citizen experience. Read the NASCIO press release announcement.

Route Fifty Navigator Awards

On September 14, 2020, Chief Data Officer, Carlos Rivero, was named the winner of The Tech Innovators category for the Route Fifty Navigator Awards for spearheading Virginia's Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation (FAACT), a secure data-sharing platform that helps Virginia’s communities combat the crisis. The annual Route Fifty Navigator Awards honor individuals and teams who work in or with state and local governments across the country and who have implemented a great idea that improves public sector services and tangibly impacts the communities they serve.

2020 StateScoop 50 Awards

Chief Data Officer, Carlos Rivero, was nominated for the 2020 StateScoop 50 Awards in the area of "State Leadership" as a public sector principal helping government implement new technologies, strategies and IT programs. The annual StateScoop 50 Awards honor and celebrate state government employees that have gone above and beyond to serve their communities through outstanding work that makes government more efficient and effective.

COVITS - Innovative Use of Big Data and Analytics

The Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation (FAACT) won a 2019 Governor's Technology Award for the innovative approache to improving government for the benefit of citizens.

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