Frequently Asked Questions

Things are a little different in the world now so below you'll find information to help guide you through the second Virtual Virginia Datathon. Have a question and don’t see an answer? Contact Paul Casalaspi for more information.

What conferencing tool are you using for the event?

The Virtual Virginia Datathon will use Zoom for the event. There will be a main room for the event and then teams will go into virtual breakout rooms to work. Get your cameras and headphones ready! You'll be able to chat and communicate with other teams, sponsors, and subject matter experts.

How do we submit our solution?

Teams should record their presentations (maximum length is five minutes) and submit in .mp4 format. Team presentations will be shared with everyone, judges will review the submissions and awards will be announced. More details will be provided to registered teams on submitting presentations.

Who owns the rights to the solutions developed?

The event objective is for Commonwealth of Virginia agencies to work with the teams to utilize the solutions or models developed but the ownership of the intellectual property belongs to the team unless you are participating as a Commonwealth of Virginia employee or state agency, in which case the intellectual property belongs to the Commonwealth. Read more.

Are we allowed to bring our own data?

Teams are allowed to bring their own data as long as they provide the data to other participating teams. Sharing is caring.

Who can participate?

Anyone! Whether you are a student, state employee or community member, we invite you to participate.

How many people can be on a team?

Teams can have up have to six people but most teams have four to five participants.

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